Harvey Home & RV Sales & Supply, Inc.

Andover, Ohio

2017 Wildwood 28CKDS 2018 Wildwood 27REI
2018 Wildwood Lodge 385FLBH


2018 Summit 355FL - Front Living Room

2018 Summit 32BKH Cabin

2018 Lakeside 8029 (Convert-a-Rm, Dbl Loft)
2018 Kropf Lakeside LE 8044KLE
2017 Kropf Island 5062 (Front Kitchen, Dbl Loft)
2017 Kropf Island 4787
2018 Island 4599 (Front Living Rm, Dbl Loft)

2017 Quailridge 39DLB2 - 2 Bedroom Loft
2017 Quailridge 40MLFD - Ft Lv Rm, Dbl Loft Barn Unit
2018 Quailridge 39FLML - Front Living Room 




New Inventory
Updated 1/11/2018

2018 Hideout 26RLS 2017 Hideout 28BHS
2017 Hideout 28RKS 2017 Hideout 38BHDS - SOLD!
2018 Hideout 38FKTS - 2 available

2018 447-35 Front Living Room - arriving soon!

2018 Heritage Glen 302FK 

2018 Canterbury 1238SSL - SOLD!

Buy Locally!

 We encourage our customers to purchase from their local dealerships.  When you purchase locally, you'll receive a full product orientation at time of delivery. In addition, you'll be introduced to your local service, parts, and warranty staff who will be there should you ever need them. 

We put our purchasing customers first when it's time to get your RV serviced. Don't underestimate the value a local dealer can add to the enjoyment of your RV experience.

Local dealerships are almost always independently owned and operated.  Other than the customers we have personally sold products to, we are not contractually obligated to perform warranty service on items that were purchased somewhere else.  There may be times when you would have to return to the point of purchase to satisfy warranty requirements.

Local purchases allow the customer and the dealer to establish a relationship.  This relationship gives the customer a convenient location for service and support from a nearby professional.

The opportunity for a thorough pre-delivery Inspection and product orientation is one of the additional benefits of buying from a local dealer.  This allows questions to be answered much more conveniently.

Our goal at Harvey Home & RV Sales & Supply, Inc. is for all RV owners to fully enjoy their RV experience.  We encourage our customers to thoroughly research which products to purchase and which dealer to purchase them from because both are vital to your ultimate happiness.